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Instarmac UltraCrete

instarmac bedding mortars building materials
Bedding Mortars

A range of high performance, rapid setting bedding mortars designed for the reinstatement and installation of all types of ironwork, access covers and frames.

Our range of Bedding Mortars includes:

Envirobed® CD534

M60 Rapid Strength

M60 F Fibre Reinforced

More products are available.

instarmac cold lay asphalt concretes and tack coats building materials
Cold lay Asphalt Concretes & Tack Coats

High performance cold lay surface materials for permanent patching planned and reactive repairs, designed for durability, instant traffic access and reduced cost.

Our range of Cold lay Asphalt Concretes & Tack Coats includes:

SCJ Seal and Tack Coat Spray

Instant Road Repair® 6mm grade

Instant Road Repair® 10mm grade

More products are available.

instarmac high-spec concretes building materials
High Specification Concretes

Concrete mixes that cater for a range of light to heavy-duty applications that are vandal proof, fast setting, and early strength gain materials for backfilling, surfacing and post installation.

Our range of High Specification Concretes includes:

QC1O Rapid Strength

QC1O F Rapid Set Flowable

More products are available.

instarmac ancillaries building materials

Highway performance ancillaries are quick and easy to apply, minimise traffic management, eliminate risk and prolong the life of repairs.

Our range of Ancillaries includes:

Instaband ECO® Thermoplastic Overbanding

LMP Temporary Line Marking Paint

More products are available.

Finish in style with the trusted and well recognised range of Instarmac UltraCrete products.

Mortars, concretes, surface finishes and coatings for use in the highways maintenance sector.

These Instarmac products all have a long-life span and conform with the BBA’s Highways Authorities Product Approval (HAPAS) scheme for use.

As part of the Elite Group of companies, many products are produced by Elite GSS who is a leading supplier of specialist non-mechanical plant and equipment for both sale and hire.
Should you require any additions to your building project or construction site, we have plenty of ground protection, stabilisation, reinforcement, bridging and more.

Our sales team can be contacted to discuss your additional requirements – let’s see how we can help.