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Insulation boards for thermal insulation - building materials
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Fire Resistant
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Water Resilient

Thermal PIR Board

A cost-effective way to upgrade thermal performance on building elements and reduce co2 emissions whilst being compliant with building regulations and standards.

PIR (Fibre free rigid polyisocyanurate) Board is a popular product for insulation, building and construction industries. It is specifically designed to eliminate thermal bridges within pitched roofs, floors, walls, ceilings and more!

This long-lasting and high-performance Thermal PIR Board is easy to install and cut to fit around obstructions and offers improvements, to previously used PUR boards, produced as foam and used as rigid thermal insulation.

They have been designed with an insulation core and aluminium foil facings that are moisture-resistant and consist of fire-resistant properties. Compared to other traditional insulation materials, Our Thermal PIR Board allows for long-term energy savings for buildings – that’s around 80% more energy than what is required for the PIR board’s manufacturing process.

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BS EN 13162 / ISO 14001


Thermal, fire and water resistance

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During manufacturing, by blending the insulation core and the aluminium foil facings with heat, causes the gases to be released and trapped in the board’s cells.
This results in a lightweight and durable insulation board in which heat cannot easily pass through.

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Moisture and fire resistant properties
Reduces sagging over time or becoming flimsy
High performance within cavity air spaces


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