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Elite Grass Grid construction
Elite Grass Grid type option
Type 1: 160 tonnes/m2
Type 2: 240 tonnes/m2
Type 3: 500 tonnes/m2

Elite Grass Grid

For permanent and semi-permanent ground reinforcement along with the stabilisation of earth banks, we offer the Elite Grass Grid.

This is a unique and innovative, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for homeowners and contractors. The Elite Grass Grid enables them to substantially improve soft ground or sensitive areas when being used for access, overflow parking or the stabilisation of embankments.

It is a substitute for paving stones, asphalt and concrete and once installed, they can be filled and finished to give a complete look from pea shingle to decorative stone, or if required, a soil and grass mix.

When integrated into any Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS), it is an ideal solution in areas prone to flooding through its geometric design, allowing dispersion and drainage of excess rain and floodwater.

There are three types available depending on the load bearings and project requirements, for light-medium duty from 160 tonnes/m2 up to 500m2 for heavy-duty applications.
The grids are quick and easy to install through their 8 connection latches that can be secured to the ground with 4 anchoring pins.

Our Elite Grass Grids can also withstand frost and UV radiation whilst having a natural stability temperature of 30° C – 180° C.
In comparison to other products on the market, the Elite Grass Grid’s open design allows grass to grow vertically and horizontally ensuring a perfect finish to any project.

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Thickness (mm)


Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Weight and coverage:

Type 1: 0.8Kg / Type 2: 1Kg / Type 3: 1.5Kg per grid
4.4 tiles per m2
Approximately 1 tonne of decorative stone is recommended per 15m2


Weight loading tested Type 1: 160 tonnes / Type 2: 240 tonnes / Type 3: 500 tonnes per m2


100% recycled material, which is also 100% recyclable


Green/grey as standard*. Other colours available (subject to a minimum order quantity)

* Due to the Elite Grass Grids recycled material, colours can slightly vary between green and grey when produced in large quantities.

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During the manufacturing process, we’ve weight tested the grids up to 160 tonnes (Type 1), 240 tonnes (Type 2) and 500 tonnes (Type 3) per square metre.

Additionally, our customers have commented positively to check strength and durability during use. Our plastic grids are manufactured from 100% recycled material to withstand UV radiation and temperatures of 30°c – 180°c

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Drainage, reinforcement and stability
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